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About SMA Angels

SMA Angels Charity is a 100% volunteer, non-profit charity dedicated to fight in the battle against Spinal Muscular Atrophy ("SMA"). SMA is a devastating neuromuscular disease. In its most severe form it is the "Number One Genetic Killer of Children Under Two". At present there is no cure or treatment.

The charity was formed in 1999 when twins Cassidy and Skylar Swanson were diagnosed with the severest form of SMA.

The goals of the charity are: to raise money for research devoted to finding a cure or treatment for SMA, to provide funding for medical assistance and better quality of life for children afflicted with SMA and to increase awareness and education about SMA.

The SMA Angels Charity was created by friends and family of Cassidy and Skylar Swanson. Cassidy and Skylar were born March 7, 1997. They are very special little girls in many ways.

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They were born on their Daddy’s birthday, they are beautiful blue-eyed blond identical twins and they have a disease very few people have ever heard of – Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The girls were diagnosed at five months after it became apparent they were losing strength. The diagnosis…. “they will never sit, walk or stand and they will die before the age of two”. Family and friends wanted to help and SMA Angels Charity was formed.

Cassie and Skylar have lived an amazing life and have defied the odds. The girls reached the age of nine years old this year and celebrated their birthdays at Disney World. They learned to talk when their parents were told they never would. They learned to use the computer and are very proficient playing with it. They have been very involved with school and graduated from 3rd grade. Cassie and Skylar have grown up to be happy little girls full of personality and have shared their unconditional love with everyone they have met. Cassie said she was a princess and dreamed of dancing and living in a white castle.

On June 9th, 2006, Cassie left this earth to follow her dreams. Cassie died suddenly of respiratory failure, which is the number one cause of death in children with SMA. Cassie and Skylar have touched many lives and have been an inspiration to all who have known them. They are a beacon of strength, hope and courage in the fairest form.


Anne Meguiar
Bill Covert
Bubba Sumerlin
Vivian Rahn
Wallette Widener, RN

President: Anne Meguiar
Vice President: Diane Sumerlin
Secretary: Kim Jarboe
Treasurer: Ruenett Parker

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Dr. Eric Pearlman, MD
Neurology - Child

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